2024/1/30 京都生体質量分析研究会(KBMSS) 国際会議質量分析が拓く持続可能社会
2023/10/4-6 The 2nd Seminar on International Core-to-Core Project on Nano Carbon Device Science at Kyoto
2023/6/4-9 10th Pacific Symposium on Radical Chemistry (PSRC-10)
22/7/10-15 24th International Colloquium on Magnetic Films and Surfaces (ICMFS-2022)
21/12/9-10 6th International TADF Workshop
21/6/27-7/1 10th Aquatic Virus Workshop (AVW10)
19/7/14-17 19th Annual International Workshop on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
19/6/16-21 9th Pacific Symposium on Radical Chemistry
18/12/8 第24回ペプチドフォーラム – International Mini-Symposium on Peptide-Membrane Interaction and Intracellular Delivery
18/12/3-7 The 10th International Peptide Symposium
18/6/24-29 The 15th International Symposium on Inorganic Ring Systems
17/11/10 ICRIS-NMR ’17: DNP-NMR Workshop
16/12/5-7 8th Asian Conference on Organic Electronics 2016 (A-COE 2016)
16/9/12 Oral Sensation and Processing of Foods: Relation to Rheological Properties
16/8/8-13 XVIIth International Congress on Rheology (ICR2016)
16/3/7-8 ICRIS’16 -Research Network Based on ICR MOU-
14/10/19-21 International Symposium on the Synthesis and Application of Curved Organic π-Molecules and Materials (CURO-π)
14/10/4-5 ICRIS-NMR ’14: Technological Frontiers in Solid-State NMR A French-Japanese Workshop
14/10/2-3 ICR Symposium on Polymer Crystals 2014 (ICRSPC2014)
14/9/28-10/1 Special Session S3: Flow and Deformation Induced Polymer Crystallization
International Symposium of Fiber Science and Technology (ISF2014)
14/07/10-11 The 4th International Conference on MEXT Project of Integrated Research on Chemical Synthesis & ICOMC 2014 Pre-symposium in Kyoto
14/03/10-12 The ICR International Symposium 2014 (ICRIS’14): The Science and Technology of Smart Materials
13/9/19 HUPO Initiative Assembly in Kyoto(Uji)
13/8/5-6 2013 International Workshop on Machine Learning and Applications to Biology (MLAB Sapporo 2013)
13/7/31-13/8/2 13th Annual International Workshop on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (IBSB 2013)
13/6/30-13/7/4 International Discussion Meeting on Polymer Crystallization 2013 (IDMPC 2013) (ポスター)
12/11/27-29 Kyoto University-Durham University Joint International Symposium:
Emergent Collective Phenomena from Sciences to the Humanities
12/8/6-7 2012 Sapporo Workshop on Machine Learning and Applications to Biology (MLAB Sapporo 2012)
12/5/20-25 The 10th International Conference on Heteroatom Chemistry (ICHAC-10)
11/11/20-24 1st Asia-Oceania Conference on Neutron Scattering (ポスター)
11/8/29 ICR Symposium to Celebrate the Bioinformatics Center’s 10 Year Anniversary and New Restructuring (Obaku Plaza,Uji,Kyoto,Japan)
10/10/17-20 The 10th Japan-China Joint Symposium on Conduction and Photoconduction in Organic Solid and Related Phenomena
10/8/8-10 ICR-International Workshop : Unsettled Issues in Rheology and Dynamics of Softmatters(Obaku Plaza, Uji, Kyoto, Japan)
10/5/23-28 The 1st International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC 10 / Kyoto, Japan)


2024/1/25 Australia-Japan Foundation Joint Conference
2023/11/11 ペプチド設計と機能拡張に関する国際ミニシンポジウム
2023/6/30 持続可能社会創造ユニット令和5年度第1回ミーティング「PFAS科学の再出発に向けて」
23/06/05 The 1st Kyoto-SKKU Workshop
23/06/04-09 10th Pacific Symposium on Radical Chemistry (PSRC-10)
22/11/18 第6回MAIRSワークショップ
22/08/05 分子材料化学セミナー
21/11/19 第5回MAIRSワークショップ
21/10/28-29 第42回生体膜と薬物の相互作用シンポジウム
19/8/30-9/3 The 12th Taiwan-Japan Bilateral Symposium on Architecture of Functional Organic Molecules
19/7/18 The 1st Germany–Japan–China Joint Workshop on Extremely Large π-Systems
19/5/14-16 2019年日本分光学会年次講演会
18/12/14 第3回pMAIRSワークショップ:分子配向解析の波及効果
18/6/12-13 第3回「固体化学フォーラム」研究会
18/1/24-26 一般社団法人レーザー学会学術講演会 第38回年次大会
17/11/22 第2回pMAIRSワークショップ:薄膜の分子配向解析を研究に活かす
16/6/3-4 第11回有機元素化学セミナー
15/11/5-6 Recent Advances in Machine Learning and Applications
15/9/14-15 第42回食品の物性に関するシンポジウム
15/6/8 第10回有機元素化学セミナー
15/5/22 第26回食品ハイドロコロイドシンポジウム
15/5/21 食品ハイドロコロイドセミナー2015
14/11/17 KUBIC-NII Joint Seminar on Bioinformatics 2014
14/10/28 先端ビームナノ科学センター「ビーム科学・高エネルギー科学」講演会 (ポスター)
14/9/18 ICR Polymer Physics Workshop 2014
14/1/29 ペロブスカイト構造物質研究会
13/8/26-27 グリーントライボ・ネットワーク 夏の学校2013
13/5/14 高分子物理学セミナー2013
13/4/19 KUBIC-NII Joint Seminar on Bioinformatics
13/3/14 未来有機化学を担う若手研究者交流会
13/2/27 ナノセルロースシンポジウム2013
12/6/7-8 Short Course on Molecular Picture of Polymer Dynamics
12/4/26 KUBIC-NII Joint Seminar on Bioinformatics
12/3/12 第200回生存圏シンポジウム・第6回バイオ材料プロジェクト
11/12/2-3 第6回磁性分光研究会
11/9/9 International Workshop for Molecular Simulations for Polymers
11/4/27 KUBIC-NII Joint Seminar on Bioinformatics 2011
10/11/5 第5回磁性分光研究会
10/8/2 第37回有機反応懇談会
10/7/26-28 The 10th Annual International Workshop on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
10/5/28 KUBIC-NII Joint Seminar on Bioinformatics
10/4/27-28 文法圧縮、パターン照合、カーネル法に関する研究会